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Coaching for répétiteurs, conductors and singers

In German we have an expression:

“The sound makes the music.”   Not only is what you say is important, but also how you say it.

Nowhere is this truer than in music.  Making music demands more than just technical ability – you must also be an engaging communicator, a compelling storyteller, and have a deep sense of human understanding.  Helping others develop their skills and grow as musicians is something I am passionate about, whether as a conductor, teacher or coach.  My own career journey began as a répétiteur, and led to conducting in opera houses all over Germany, and to teaching – currently at the Zurich University of the Arts (opera-coach for the conducting class of Johannes Schlaefli) as well as Lyric Opera Studio Weimar.

I am pleased to offer both in-person and online training in the following areas:

  • Role preparation / study

  • Audition and exam preparation

  • German language and diction coaching


60 minutes

50 €

4 x 60 minutes in 4 weeks

160.- €

20-minute introductory consultation lesson  online

- no charge

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